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There’s never been a more important time for the type of hard-hitting journalism you expect from Cascadia Times. Cascadia Times is now relauching its popular Magazine which went on hiatus in 2009 at a time when it seemed people were getting all the news they need from the Internet. But today, it seems like people are getting none of the news they need from the Internet, even though the amount of stuff published there is growing exponentially. But how much of it is accurate and how much is fake? We think the Internet's time as a trusted news source has come and gone.

Print news is old school, we know that. Print publications take the time to fact check their articles, and don't rush out with commentary and opinion before presenting the facts.

In Cascadia, we have observed that print publications (as well as their online cousins) are devoting less effort, staffing and resources to coverage of environmental news affecting this region. Cascadia Times aims to fix that. We are looking for backers.

Starting later this year, perhaps by summer Cascadia Times will be partnering with Cascadia Media Lab, which is being organized as a nonprofit group that will support the work of journalists who write for Cascadia Times, as well as to help better inform and educate the public about environmental issues around the region.

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